Meet Dr. Moulton

Dr. Moulton began his career in the army as a dental assistant.  After receiving an honorable discharge, he worked as a dental xray technician. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in biological science from Cal State University, Hayward. He received his dental degree from The University of the Pacific School of Dentistry of San Francisco as a Doctor of Dental Science, which completed his education.

He and his wife, Suzy, have 6 children. Both being native California’s, he established his first dental practice for 16 years in the Bay Area . He relocated his practice to his current address in Grass Valley 10 years ago. He loves fishing and has enjoyed the local lakes and reservoirs catching bass, trout and salmon.

He is a member of the American Dental Society, the California Dental Society and the Butte Sierra Dental Society.

He believes that love, persistence and hard work are the keys to a successful life.